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FFP2 Face Masks and Face Visors Update


We have stock available of  FFP2 masks and Full Face visors 

As per the recent government announcement from 1st May until 31st July 2020  PPE sold by Steri Products and our sister company Dental Hygienics will be zero rated therefore Vat free.

For more information or to place your order of face masks or visors please contact our customer services team on 01787 877877

Recently featured in a number of national newspapers was an article including a photograph of Nursing team leader Anita Martin working at the critical care unit at King’s College Hospital in South London as coronavirus cases rise rapidly. This amongst many other pictures has highlighted the severity of what our NHS heroes have are facing daily as they tirelessly care for those infected and cope with the emotional trauma caused by the tragic loss of life. The country has united in its support, recognition and admiration for those who have and continue to dedicate their lives selflessly in the support and care for others. Dental Hygienics and Steri Products are proud to be amongst the supporters and protectors of the NHS and all healthcare workers.
Welcome To Steri Products
Steri Products is an energetic and dynamic young company which specializes in the supply of a comprehensive range of products for washing, decontamination, reprocessing and monitoring, Our product range consists of Eye Shields, Face Visors, Disposable Face Visors, Waterproof Gowns, Patient Dignity Shorts, Instrument Cleaning Brushes, Residual Protein Test, Residual Soil Test, Type 6 Self Adhesive Indicators and Helix Devices.

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