BSI CE Certified Disposable Full Face Visor - Steri

BSI CE Certified Disposable Full Face Visor - Steri

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Disposable face visor designed to give wearers eyes and face protection from the splashing of hazardous and infectious substances.

• The Steri Disposable Face Visor comes under Category II of the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and has been tested, and has passed, CE compliance by the BSI Group The Netherlands B.V.  John N Keynesplein, 1066 EP Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Company Reg 3324284, NB 2797 under the COVID-19 Technical specification.

• Individually wrapped minimising cross infection. 

• Anti-Fog (both sides). 

• Lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

• Contoured foam for a better fit and comfort. 

• Fits comfortably over a surgical mask. 

• Unbreakable and glare resistant. 

• Latex free. 

• Can easily fit over protection eyewear and goggles. 

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