PCD Box only - Metal

PCD Box only - Metal

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The Cleaning Efficacy System offers a unique and cost-effective option for all healthcare facilities to ensure the decontamination process and soil removal efficacy is in accordance with EN ISO 15883. The stainless steel basket simulates a bur basket, into which is placed the synthetic Cleaning Efficacy Indicator (CEI). Used once a cycle, the Cleaning Efficacy System provides a cost-effective way of ensuring the washer-disinfector is functioning correctly by removing all soil from the indicator. The diagnostic technology gives a clear and instant result when used with the comprehensive reference guide.

• Cost effective method for monitoring soil removal. 

• Conforms to recommendations in EN ISO 15883. 

• Synthetic CEIs conform to EN ISO 15883-5. 

• Realistically challenges the process. 

• Easy to interpret. 

• Instant result. 

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